The idea of INA TOSHA 🇬🇧


What it means.

INA TOSHA: the brand name is a creation of the Swahili verb 'inatosha' which means 'it's enough' in the sense of 'you don't need more'. 


How the idea came up.

The idea arouse during our holiday in November 2016, when all of a sudden Seremon, our first 'Massai business partner' showed up at the beach to say "thank you". At the time we lived in Kenya in 2013/14, we bought about 200 bracelets as a gift for friends and family as we just liked the style. We did not think so much about it, but as he came to visit us he told us, that, thanks to our business, he was able to safe so much money to buy some cows for his family, which for the Massai even nowadays is a base for living. Moreover, he was able to open a small shop in the village where he came from. So by buying the bracelets the women of his family and village were producing, he was able to return to his home and to stay with his family instead of leaving them for making business. 


The conclusion.


We thought: 'if it is that easy, to help a person building his own existence -by selling nice stuff in Germany-, we should start a small business. We knew, that people like the style, so there was no big risk. We also did the same with Kenyan kikois, which is a cotton towel, very nice color and very good quality, as well produced in Kenya. 

That is how INA TOSHA was founded.


Our business idea.


The Massai (we now deal with Lengu, David, Thomas, Kitisia and Dennis) as well as the towel lady (Miriam) are mainly dependent on tourism. As the international tourism depends on the season and also on the general situation in Kenya, they struggle to make a reliable outcome, which is independent of tourism. Our idea is to spread their radius of selling. If the tourists don't come to the towels - the towels should come to the tourists. And, as a side effect, we make some ad for holiday in Kenya.


Our principle. 

We don't buy from a store or the factory but directly - without middleman - from the seller. We don't bargain or make a deal to lower the prices as we want them to earn what they need to earn and, after some experience, we know a fair price. For the bracelets we create special combination and design with the massai and therefore give special order (eg unique colors and style) and we never were disappointed. Our partners are very reliable and we love to deal with them. We pay a deposit once we order and the merchandise in full once received, so we carry the risk and not them. 


What else.

We developed a packaging with unique existing material, like test class with screw caps and transparent paper for the towels and we label them with stickers. After taking it to Germany on our own or by mail we assemble the bracelets and towels personally at home, so aside from the packaging material we do not have any further cost. 

We sell the merchandise at a very reasonable price as it is not our aim to earn money with it. The price covers buying of merchandise, shipping, german customs and material.

The money we earn by selling will be returned to Kenya, either by buying new merchandise or by donating money to non-profit organization we know personally. 

We do prefer selling the products on a personal basis, eg. on street-markets or private events but we also established a homepage including online-shop.


What it does.

We know from Seremon, Miriam, Lengu and the other business partners, that INA TOSHA helps them taking some burden of life, as for example to be able to pay school fees for the children and to purchase essential goods, like cattle. Moreover, our Massai partners share their income by giving orders to knit the bracelets to other women of their family and the village.


We are very happy to be able to help that way. And friends and customers a happy too, as they know, that they also can help by buying from INA TOSHA knowing that their money goes to Kenya safe and a 100%.