David & Thomas - "The Kenyan bracelet team"

Hello mama momo, Papa momo and momo too..

We as your business partners, I mean me and David, we are not blood brothers but we have been friends for almost 15 years. We have met at Lamu some years back while we are at business. Since then we know each other very closely. 

We will give our personal information to you and we will tell you how INA TOSHA is helpful to us and to public. This because from the time we started with INA TOSHA our live and our family is always changing. This means that INA TOSHA is very important to our lives. We are now like employed people. We receive salary in end of month. 

It's so encouraging to hear that our business is really growing day by day. It is also important to tell you that this business has a very good impact in my life, am educating my children and many more other development at my own home. 

Since we met I bought three cows and I have planned to construct a house. I have bought some house materials eg iron sheet' timber' nail and many other things for construction. To David the same. So you are an important person in our live since we met. Again my kids are now in school they don't come back home because of school fees… The eight mothers of our group even them are happy cause they get something from INA TOSHA. So far we thank you us family and hope to go far with this INA TOSHA project.

bye mama momo papa momo and momo too..nice day..Asante sana