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My name is Lengu Tetile. I come from Kajiad County, Loitokitok Subcounty. INA tosha means for me enough to support my family. The project helps to pay schools fees, buy cow, clothing and food for my family.   The bracelet help my family and my neighbor mama.  INA tosha started 2015. I want to tell the people who buy our bracelet to support us because our children are looking for support to get education from low level to high level like other people. For sure my family is so happy for our work because they see the fruit. I hope your support will bring the fruit for tomorrow for our family and children. For is time I pay schools fees balance...


David & Thomas - "The Kenyan bracelet team"

Hello mama momo, Papa momo and momo too.. We as your business partners, I mean me and David, we are not blood brothers but we have been friends for almost 15 years. We have met at Lamu some years back while we are at business. Since then we know each other very closely.  We will give our personal information to you and we will tell you how INA TOSHA is helpful to us and to public. This because from the time we started with INA TOSHA our live and our family is always changing. This means that INA TOSHA is very important to our lives. We are now like employed people. We receive salary in end of month.  It's so...



My name is Dennis oloiputari I come from amboseli kajiado county loitoktok sub location. Ina TOSHA means for me enough. I work for Ina Tosha,  I buy cattle, I pay school fees for my brothers, buy clothes for my family, my wife and my lovely son. So Ina Tosha helps me a lot and I am proud of it. My God protect Ina Tosha and bless you mama momo and you family be blessed.  This is my wife and my lovely boy. When my wife heard about Ina Tosha and she asks me what it means and I explained her it's a group of business that buys bracelets from us and sell to other she was very happy. I am...